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My mission is to help my clients overcome fears, doubts, and other life challenges in order to create vibrant, connected, and fulfilling lives.

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"Liz helped our family in countless ways! Her ability to connect with different members of the family, making them feel comfortable opening up, really allows her to get to the root causes and offer practical advice leading to real solutions. We will continue to see Liz as we grow and learn to cope with life’s challenges."
- J.M. Client Parent

Hi, I'm Liz!

At Lucarelli Wellness, my commitment is to guide you toward growth, resilience, and overall well-being. As a reliable clinician and professional trainer, I provide expert guidance on your path to wellness. Ultimately, my goal is to help you, your family, or your organization operate from an empowered and authentic place.

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I offer a diverse range of services crafted to support people and organizations at all life stages.

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What Sets Liz Apart?

  • Extensive clinical experience: I have practiced as a licensed mental health counselor for 15 years in wilderness, residential, and private therapy settings as well as coached parents, families, and organizational development. I bring a wealth of experience to my work.
  • Skilled in multiple treatment modalities: My passion for learning and commitment to my clients has led to decades of training in trauma, attachment, play therapy, sand tray, Brainspotting, psychodrama, polyvagal theory, Safe and Sound Protocol, and other brain and body-based interventions. I integrate these evidence-based techniques to help my clients cultivate a sense of calm, connection, and confidence.
  • Authentic relational style: My naturally playful and warm nature allows people of all ages to feel safe, seen, and understood. This helps people open up, explore who they are, and take courageous action to change their lives.
  • Creative and experiential approach: I incorporate creative arts and play-based activities to help clients explore attitudes, thoughts, and feelings and make meaning of their experiences. As an action-oriented process, play is an effective tool for building insight and integrating skills.
  • Diverse range of clients: I am well-versed in working with a wide variety of people, including kids, families, and professionals. I understand what makes each person unique and tailor my approach to utilize the modalities most effective for treating each individual client.
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Client and Colleague Testimonials

Discover why clients and colleagues recommend Liz for her relational approach, insightful guidance, and genuine commitment to fostering deep, meaningful transformations.

    Liz's authentic curiosity acts like a compass, guiding individuals through the maze of self-discovery. Her versatile approach is akin to a tailor, crafting personalized support that aligns seamlessly with each person's unique goals and strengths. In her hands, vulnerability transforms into strength, and self-judgment dissolves into self-acceptance. Working with Liz is not just a therapeutic journey; it's an empowering collaboration tailored to unveil the brilliance within each individual.

    A deeply skilled practitioner, Liz is intelligent, naturally gifted, and highly personable. She offers warm guidance that is insightful, adroit, and fun. With her strengths-based and solutions-focused approach, Liz coaches with a sensibility which is attuned and disciplined. She brings a productive creativity to the working relationship, where clients, families, and colleagues alike feel enriched and supported. Want to experience something better? Need a plan? I enthusiastically recommend working with Liz. She is a go-getter. You want her in your corner.

    Liz is such an amazing therapist. She has taught me so many life lessons. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without her. She opened my eyes to things I hadn’t fully explored or was avoiding. I can safely say out of all the therapists I’ve worked with, I feel like she really got me the most. I respect Liz and thank her!

    I appreciate Liz's modern clinical perspective, and her feedback has given me a greater level of confidence within myself. Liz helped me unlock my playful and creative side in my clinical practice, and it's changed the way I approach my work as a therapist. I'm grateful for my supervision experience with Liz!

    I’ve known Liz for over a decade and worked with her in various settings. Having Liz on my team was a joy; her dedication to students and families was exceptional. I’ve seen her positively impact countless families' lives. Liz’s high energy, playfulness, and humor made therapy enjoyable for children, removing any stigma. I wholeheartedly recommend Liz to families needing support. She's a woman of integrity and grit, always evolving as a coach, therapist, and person.

    Liz Lucarelli is a wonderfully dynamic person to have on your team; as a clinician, coach, colleague or consultant. I have worked professionally with Liz in a number of capacities for nearly 20 years and I have witnessed her extraordinary work with individuals, families, groups and programs in that time. Liz's natural lean towards experiential activities, community, and play marinate with excellent clinical and communication skills to deliver a heartfelt, thorough, and sophisticated team approach.

    Liz has been a game-changer. My 15-year-old daughter never liked a therapist before. Liz's personality and presence put us at ease, allowing us to discuss tough topics. It's been a miracle for our relationship. Highly recommend Liz for anyone with a teen. In one session, my daughter and I both felt seen and heard by each other, leaving us more calm and assured about working through struggles. Grateful for Liz's ability to lead in a safe, non-judgmental way.