Coaching Services:
Unleash Your Full Potential

"A deeply skilled practitioner, Liz is intelligent, naturally gifted, and highly personable. She offers warm guidance that is insightful, adroit, and fun. With her strengths-based and solutions-focused approach, Liz coaches with a sensibility which is attuned and disciplined. She brings a productive creativity to the working relationship, where clients, families, and colleagues alike feel enriched and supported. Want to experience something better? Need a plan? I enthusiastically recommend working with Liz. She is a go-getter. You want her in your corner.."
- Matthew, Colleague and Fellow Therapist

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Coaching: Unleash Your Full Potential

Coaching is geared to helping youth, parents, and families level up their lives and relationships. Together we will create new skills and habits that align with the person you desire to be and the life you desire to create. In coaching, we are future-focused and action-based. While we may explore the past to gain insight on patterns and strengths, we are more focused on building skills, creating new habits, exploring values and identity, and putting awareness into action.

Coaching does not focus on a clinical diagnosis and can therefore be facilitated across state and country lines. I provide coaching to clients all over the globe and aim to work with your schedule and needs.

Benefits of Coaching: Who is it For and How Can it Help?

Coaching can benefit:

  • Young people and adults aspiring to be their best selves in whatever their field of play is. Coaching is for people of all ages eager to reveal new possibilities in their lives. Overcome challenges, nurture a positive mindset, find confidence and authenticity, and discover just how powerful and capable you are.
  • Parents and families seeking practical tools and knowledge to help them positively connect. Ready to step into your potential as a family? Coaching provides an active and collaborative process that improves communication, promotes understanding, fosters connection, and seeks meaningful solutions.
  • Individuals ready to move past limiting beliefs and take on a personal goal or professional challenge. Frightened by the idea of rejection or failure, we often limit ourselves by trying to stay small, safe, and comfortable. Not anymore. Apply for the dream job, ask for the raise, take the trip, sign up for the race, and say what’s on your mind. If you want it, let’s go get it!
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Frequently Asked Questions

    What's the difference between therapy and coaching?

    Good question! Therapy is typically focused on specific mental health issues, such as anxiety or depression, and centers on exploring the past to gain insight and heal old traumas. Coaching, on the other hand, looks toward the future. It involves building skills, creating habits, and putting awareness into action. For more information on what a therapy or coaching session with me looks like, I encourage you to check out my services page.

    Will you provide me with a superbill?

    If you are eligible, I am happy to provide a superbill to share with your insurance company as you seek reimbursement for services. I also reserve space on my coaching and therapy caseload for families who need services at a reduced fee.

    Where do you provide services?

    I am licensed to provide in-person and telehealth therapy sessions to clients in North Carolina and Utah. I do not provide therapy to parties in other states. Because coaching, consultation, and organizational training do not involve a clinical diagnosis and focus, I can provide these services in other states. Please visit the services page or contact me if you have questions about which service is best for you.

    How are creative arts and play beneficial?

    Creative arts and play-based interventions access different parts of our brains, leading to deeper, more meaningful change and awareness. Activities like drawing and sand tray help work through defenses and are a fun way of doing difficult work. Play and creative arts are ideal for all ages and especially recommended for younger children and teens due to their developmental stage and cognitive abilities.

    Are there any issues you don’t work with?

    While I am an experienced clinician and coach, significant sexual trauma histories, complex mood disorders, active suicidality, substance abuse issues, or contentious couples or co-parenting issues are not my primary areas of expertise. If you are experiencing these issues, I recommend working with a therapist who specializes in those areas.

    How do I get started?

    Navigating life can be challenging, but finding support doesn’t have to be. If you have questions about therapy, coaching, or what service best suits you, your family, or your organization’s needs, let’s set up a consultation call. I look forward to joining you on your journey!